Seven must ask questions when hiring a cleaning service.

There was a recent story in the news on August 11 of a gentleman who was hired to clean a home was caught in act of recording a 16 year old as she was showering. (WNYT channel 13)

That is disturbing to hear that something like that can happen in your own home. That's why it is very wise to really get to know who you are inviting into your home to provide a service. It's unfortunate that you cant always trust everyone you meet.

Lets say you decide to finally hire a cleaning service to tackle the chaos that is now taking over your home. But do you know who you are really hiring? Yes, they may seem nice and say all the right things.

 I have had several clients tell me that they are new at this and have no idea how this works. Because I am an honest person and know what it's like to be taking advantage of I feel it is necessary to educate people about the do's and don'ts to hiring a cleaning service. I also have had numerous clients tell me they were taking advantage of by their previous housekeeper. Here is seven must ask questions that should be asked before hiring someone to clean your home.

1. Are they insured?

I put this one first because you are essentially inviting a stranger into your home to provide a service. Sometimes this service is preformed while you are not home. Do you know if they are honest and trustworthy?

Did you know if this person is injured in your home and is not insured you could be held liable? Or if they knock over your deceased aunt heirloom?  (A great person/company will offer to pay for it right away) It's best to protect yourself in case there was ever an accident.

2. Do they have references?

Always ask for several references so you can feel confident about who you are hiring. When calling a reference make sure to ask these important questions.

Did they show up on time and were they prepared to work?

Were they courteous and willing to go that extra mile?

Are they still cleaning for you? If not ask why!

Most reliable companies will gladly give you a list of references upon asking. I have a list ready for potential clients.

3. What is the hourly rate  and what services are included?

Its important to ask this because you may want a more thorough cleaning but not sure the difference between a basic and deep cleaning. Have them explain to you what the difference is between a basic and a deep cleaning. It can vary between companies.  A deep cleaning tends to be more because of the time it takes to complete. Ask how many people will be involved with cleaning your home. Some companies charge an extra fee if more than one person is needed to clean.

4. How long have they been in business?

This is a really good question to ask because you want to make sure they are legitimate and not working under the table. If they are a new again just make sure to get several references to ensure that they have performed great service in other homes.

5. Do they bring their own supplies or do you provide them?

It is essential to know if they do provide the cleaning supplies what products they will be using in your home. Sometimes we have to use a harsh chemicals to remove grease or soap scum and you may not tolerate those fumes.  When speaking with a client I always ask if they have any allergies to any cleaners beforehand to ensure that they wont have any problems.

Also, some companies do charge extra if they have to provide cleaning products. So its a good thing to know up front to be able to factor that into the final price.

6. How do they gain access to your home?

You have the option of giving them a key, or a code to get into the home. Or simply just leaving a key under the mat. Some companies will not want the responsibility of keep track of keys that are given to them. Also, as a liability if your home was ever broken into. It's best to work this out before cleaning begins. Best bet will be to have someone home while the service is performed.

7. Do they have a satisfaction guarantee?

You finally hire someone and they check off every credential I have listed above. They have been cleaning for you for several months, but you start discovering they you aren't satisfied. You need to know that they are a company that is willing to work out issues that  may come up.

I check in with my clients to ensure they are satisfied and if they need anything extra done. We also go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction!

Follow these simple steps and you will find your cleaning company match made in heaven.

Any questions feel free to message me!