Managing Overwhelm Through The Holidays

The holidays can be an exciting time of year but for some it can also be very overwhelming. Trying to manage clutter can be very difficult as you are now adding in extra stuff to decorate your home and wrap presents. So how do you keep overwhelm to a minimum as well as the clutter you ask? I’m going to provide several tips to help you manage and keep you sane this holiday season.

Use Lists

I use lists everyday and I have found them to be a very useful tool to help manage stress and overwhelm. There are several ways you can go about doing this- using an option that will be easy for you to manage.  You can go old school (like I do) and use a pen and a monthly planner. At a glance has a great calendar system that works really well.  Or if you prefer to use your  smartphone there is an app ( for the iphone it is the Note App) that you can use to write down all your to-do’s  for the day and the week.  The goal for this list to write down things in priority of when they should get done. Organize your list with the most important tasks at the top and least important towards the bottom.

Hot Tip: I have included a worksheet that you can use during the day to help you to organize what is important for you that day.

When you make appointments for the doctor or other professionals you put them in your calendar, right? Scheduling your to-do’s like an appointment will reduce stress and reassure you as to what is important to you that day. In the morning when you are looking over your schedule everything is clearly marked on your calendar so you can visualize your day. Also, prepping the night before like putting out breakfast, laying your clothes for the next day, putting items in your work bag and putting everything by the door will help to reduce with the morning chaos.

Hot Tip: i personally still use an at a glance calendar in addition to my phone. But there is also google calendar, calendly, the calendar app on your phone, or just a simple wall calendar will do.

 Eliminate Clutter In your Home

Less clutter leads to less clutter in your mind which reduces the potential for overwhelm and stress. My rule of thumb is if it hasn’t been used in 12 months, you no longer need the item there is no reason to keep it. Also, if an item has been packed away in a box in your attic for years and it's not an family heirloom you obviously haven’t used it, so it should go to donation.  As the saying goes “Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

Learn to say No

How many times has a family member or friend ask you if you wanted anything they are getting a rid of? Sometimes you say yes because you want the item and that's ok if you have available space to put it, but how many times have you said yes just so you don’t hurt their feelings? Then you have there stuff you don't want and no place to put it. You need to be honest with them! This also works if get invited to a holiday function that you just don't want to attend. Why say yes when you know you're just going to be miserable and wouldn’t it be nice to have that space on your calendar to do what YOU want to do!

As you know life isn’t perfect and even with a well oiled plan and a well organized calendar things won't go as planned. It’s life and as many of your know it’s messy! There is a great saying I apply to my life and it’s “Do your best and god will do the rest” (Colossians 3:23-24) If you need help with setting up this plan to help with the overwhelm before the holiday rush. Get in contact with me. I am offering 50% off a 1 hour session.  The things we can accomplish in a hour will amaze you! I have helped many and want to help you as well.