Bugging out: How to Keep Your Home Clean and Germ-Free during flu season.

It is that time of year again, cold and flu season! Coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable is what a lot of people are experiencing right now. We have also been noticing that a lot of our clients have unfortunately have come down with some form of illness. Also, if you have been tuned into any newsfeed on social media or even television you may have heard that the CDC is calling this year flu outbreak and epidemic. So how do you stay healthy when everyone around you seems to be getting sick? Stay tuned for some cleaning tips.

Become BFF's with the bleach.

There are many options for disinfecting spray on the market but I prefer regular old bleach and water. Use 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Spray and let stand of surfaces for 2 minutes. This is great for any bathroom surface, light switches and walls. Just a note: I wouldn't recommend using this on any stone surfaces like granite, marble or quartz. For those surfaces I like to use the Clorox disinfecting wipes.

Green options: For those that really don't like the strong smell of bleach or prefer to use something more environmently friendly I would recommend using Theives from Young Living. This cleaner doesn't have any smell and works very well with disinfecting surfaces and you can use these on your stone countertops!

I would recommend wiping down surfaces more regularly than you normally would and if someone in your household is sick it's best to wipe down everyday as a precaution.

Disinfecting spray is my new bae.

We have recently started using a disinfecting spray such as Lysol at our clients homes on items that cannot be cleaned with water. Once a week it's a good idea to spray your couches, remote controls, light switches and door handles. These are areas of your home that do not get cleaned often and are breeding grounds for germs. According to the CDC the flu virus can stay on any hard surfaces for 24 hours.

Green Option: If you prefer a more green option Seventh Generation has a Eucalyptus and Spearmint spray that you can buy at Target for $5.49.

 Take off your shoes already.

If there isn't any other reason to take your shoes off before entering your home this one is it.  When you wearing your street shoes around your house you are depositing germs that you picked up while out in public. Grocery stores and  doctor offices full of sick people, we just don't need to bring that into our homes. Also, it will keep you from having to mop up salt and sand off your floors so frequently. BONUS!

What to do when someone in your house is already sick.

Even with these tips you will probably have someone in your household sick at some point this winter. I get asked a lot what can I do to keep the rest of my house from not catching the dreaded flu/cold virus.

I recommend using the tips mentioned above and amping up your disinfecting routine to daily.

  • Disinfect any surface they come into contact with.
  • Change out trash liners  with used tissues daily and put them outside in the trash barrel. Use Lysol spray before putting a new bag in!
  • Use your own hand towels when washing your hands.
  • Laundering your laundry in a warm water and using the highest heat setting on the dryer will help to kill the germs.
  • Change your bed sheets once a week (more often if you have the sick kiddos in bed with you)
  • Wash your hands A LOT or use hand sanitizer if you have no access to water

I found this great blog with even more tips:


Stay healthy my friends.

I hope you and your family members are able to avoid being sick this season. So far this season I am the only one that has gotten sick and by using these tips I have outlined above it has spared the rest of my family. They are very thankful! If you are in need of help in keeping your home germ free give us a call for a free consultation. We will keep your home calm, clutter and germ free!