31 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 1

Are you ready!? The 30 day spring cleaning challenge is finally here! The weather is trending towards warmer temperatures, so throw open those windows and let's get started. These challenges are broken down in bite size pieces , so they are easy to accomplish and shouldn't take no more than 15-20 minutes per day.

Day 1

Starting in the master closet ( bedroom closet) we are going to tackle and organize the great shoe collection.

  • Start by purging any shoes that are broken, you no longer love or no longer can wear.
  • Once that is finished begin to organize your shoes neatly by using a shoe organizer. These can be purchased very inexpensively. You can arrange them by color or by size (heels, flats or boots).



Day 2

Still working in the closet we are going to tackle the clothes next. When working with female clients they say this is the hardest to tackle. But today I am going to give you step by step instructions, so you can definitely tackle this solo!

  • Start by taking out any clothes that no longer fit you. You only want to keep clothes that fit and that you absolutely love.
  •  Once you are finished with that task and you have boxed or bagged them up start by purging  the stuff you just no longer wear or love. (Note: A super fun way to get rid of these clothes is by doing a clothing swap with your friends!)
  • Next start arranging how you would like to see them hanging. Many different options here but ultimately it's what will help you get ready in the morning.
  •  Here are some options if you just have no idea where to start:
    • Arrange t-shirts together
    • Long t-shirts together
    • Dressy blouses
    • Jeans
    • Dress pants
    • Skirts etc..

If you truly want to get fancy and want to show off your creation arrange them all by color. (Note: This will probably take longer to do, but completely up to you!)

Have some fun with this!

Day 3

The linen closet is up next. I know this is one that I will be tackling myself. This spot tends to get messy very quickly. It is a spot in the house that is used daily, so here is my how to list to tackle the clutter.

  • Empty out the closet completely. No I am not crazy, but this will help you see a blank slate so you can organize it how you feel it is best. Ultimately you only want towels, face clothes, sheets and blankets. Perhaps some first aid gear, sunblock and maybe medications.
  • Fold linen neatly and place towels, face cloths all on one shelf. You will  want a separate shelf for sheets and depending on how many blankets you have, you  may want an additional shelf for that as well. (Unless you plan to store the blankets in a different location of the house)
  •  If you are like my husband and do not know how to fold a fitted sheet correctly (insert laughter) stay tuned I will be doing a video training on this one!
  •  First aid and medications would be best stored in a plastic bin, so to keep everything grouped together. These can also be labeled, so it makes it easy to decipher what is in each bin without having to take it down.


Day 4

The Bathroom Cabinet the catch all of the bathroom. If you have done yesterday's challenge this should be a breeze. Most of the stuff people keep under the sink are things that are used on a day to day basis. You are going to use the same concept by removing everything! Yes you are making a mess and it's ok!

  •  So you will remove everything from the cabinet, so you can get an idea of how much space you have to work with.
  • Again same concept as yesterday you will use plastic container to store makeup, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper.
  • Also you can buy systems that slide right underneath your sink so you can stack your plastic bins neatly.


Day 5

Daily Mail

The mail piles that build up during your busy work week. Take a couple minutes and purge the  junk mail that has collected. If you have a few extra minutes you can curb your junk mail by simply "opting out". Here are a couple a of websites I found to opt out.




If you can't organize your mail immediately you can sort it in several categories bills to be paid, letters that have been opened and mail that needs to be shred ( credit card applications).

Day 6

Today we will be tackling the dreaded junk drawer. Most of the time these are often found in the kitchen, but sometimes it can be in an office, pantry or even the bathroom.

  • First start out my emptying out the drawer and throw out any trash that has accumulated.
  •  Start organizing items by categories (hardware, office, left over change, straws etc.)
  •  Once everything is grouped together you will want to size up a couple of small cardboard boxes ( think paper clip or post it note size) or plastic containers that fit into the drawer.


  •  The items you leave in this drawer are completely up to you, but I would leave items that you use most often. This way you know exactly where to find the item and it is neatly organized.
  •  Anything else that remains on the counter should be put in the areas you keep these items in your home.

Day 7

 The hall closet or coat closet that is closest to you front door is next on the list today. This is another area in your home that quickly becomes the catch all. Company comes over and we just throw everything in there to conceal the clutter. The only items that should be in this closet are coats, hats, scarves, shoes and an umbrella.

  • Same concept we have been using for the past couple of days. We will remove items from any shelves and everything off the floor. (Coats can remain hanging no need to take those down).
  •  If you have any shelves above the coats this is  perfect for plastic baskets to corral any hats or gloves. If you have a bunch of space a basket for each person is optimal but not necessary.
  • Multi tiered shoe racks are great for the bottom of the closet, so it can hold any shoes that need to be stored in this closet.
  • Again anything else that remains should be relocated to the part of the house where those items are mostly stored.